EQ Mind partners with CEOs, HR, executive teams and leaders within organisations on business performance and change strategies.  We take a “whole of business” perspective as we look to understand an organisation’s purpose, objectives, and performance needs.  Using this information we provide support in the following areas:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Business transformation
  • Organisational design and structure
  • Organisational assessment
  • Culture change
  • Performance management

We have a range of diagnostic tools to measure leadership, team and organisational climate.  We measure what matters and have found that the best organisations perform well in the areas of; trust, motivation, execution, teamwork and change.

Vital Signs Model


Our Vital Signs Model comes in three versions so that it can be used at the leader, team or organisational level.

  1. The Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) measures the dimensions of effective leadership
  2. The Team Vital Signs (TVS) measures team culture
  3. The Organisational Vital Signs (OVS) measures the extent to which an organisation is thriving.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments


We use the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence assessment (including a 360 assessment) to measure the leaders skills in self awareness, self management and self direction.  Our model measures competencies in emotional literacy, pattern recognition, consequential thinking, navigating emotions, intrinsic motivation, optimism, empathy and noble goals/purpose.

Grounded in research and sound statistical analysis, our emotional intelligence assessments include on on-line survey, comprehensive report and individual debrief with a qualified coach.  Assessment types include:

  • Individual assessments
  • Leader assessments
  • 360° assessments
  • Youth assessments


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