About Us

EQ Mind is a dynamic consulting, training and coaching company that helps individuals and organisations achieve sustainable performance improvement using neuroscience and emotional intelligence research, concepts and models. We make the science practical.

We provide business solutions to increase people performance and create positive change. We measure what matters, then partner with our clients to increase the awareness and skills that allow people to take the organisation and the leaders to the next level.

Our expertise includes:
• Organisational health checks
• Leadership development
• Culture transformation
• Change management
• Talent development
• Performance Management
• Facilitation

We design customised solutions at the leader, team and organisational level.

Testimonials from clients:

“Melissa is an outstanding coach, who can quickly take stock of the situation and provide a safe environment in which to explore your issues.” Executive Manager , Local Government.

This is the best leadership workshop I’ve been to in the last 5 yrs – thank for an extremely well delivered workshop Melissa! I’m looking forward to our next session together.” Call Centre Team Leader, State Government. 

“Melissa has worked extensively with managers and staff teams across our business for over two years. Our experience has consistently been one of outstanding service provision that has produced quality outcomes for our business. We value our business partnership with Melissa and will continue to work with her company in the future.” Organisational Development Manager – Regional Council. 

“Efficient and timely; she (Melissa Donaldson) delivers and knows her content area inside and out; has great communication skills and can work well with my staff/she can grasp what our needs are and translate them into outcomes; she’ll give me the bad news as well as the good news/a straight shooter/so you really feel you get high quality and value for money, and with no overcharging.” Business Development Manager – Financial Services.